Republic of Albania is a Southeastern European country. It is located in the West of the Ballkan Peninsula between the geographical coordinate’s 39° 16’ latitude and 49° 39’ longitude covering a maximum length of 340 km and max width of 148 km.

With a surface of 28 748 km² Albania is placed along the Eastern coasts of Adriatic and Ionian Seas. Only 72 km far way from Cape of Otranto (Italia) and 3 km far way from Corfu Island (Greece).

Albania has a general length of borders about 1094 km, 657 km of which are terrestrial, 316 km of shore border, 48 km river borders and 73 km lake borders. It is limited at Northern and East-Northern part from Montenegro and Kosovo, at eastern part from FYR of Macedonia, at South and Southeast part from Greece.

The Coastal line has a total length of 427 km, 273 km of wich belongs to Adriatic Sea and 154 km to the Ionian Sea.

Albania is predominantly mountainous, with 70% of the territory at elevations of more than 300m. Terrestrial surface of Albania is 27 392 km², consisting of field about 25%, hills 47% and mountains 28%. Average altitude is 708m, the highest mountain is Mount Korab (2751m) on the border with Macedonia. The Albanian Alps, as the main part of unit have an extension of 90km, with chains  in radial form and average height of about 2000-2500m, the highest one is Jezerca (2694m).

Inland water surface is 1350 km², composed by natural lakes 325 km², coastal lagoons 130 km², artificial lakes 174 km² and river network 721 km².

The biggest Lakes of Albania are the Shkodra Lake (surface 368km²), Ohrid Lake (surface 363km²) and Lake of Prespa (surface 285 km²). In the south is the Lake of Butrint (surface 160 km² mixed with seawater). In the massif of Nezhda Mountains in Dibra region there are 7 carstic lakes, Lakes of Lura, wich are attractive for their natural beauties.

The most important Rivers are Drin, Vjosa, Mat, Ishm, Erzen, Buna, Shkumbin Seman and Osum.

Actualized 11/2008
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