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Albania is predominantly mountainous, with 70% of territory at elevations of more than 300m. The average altitude is 708 m, i.e. two times higher than that of Europe. Albanian mountains, representing a southern continuation of the Dinaric system, rise abruptly from the plains and are especially rugged along the country's borders.

The highest Albanian mountains are located in Mount Korab, in the Albanian Alps, in the Sharr Mountains, between Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa and in the South Albania. The highest mountain is Mount Korab (2751m) on the border with Macedonia. There is 17 peaks higher than 2500m in Albania.

The mountains create some amazing features such as the Canyon of Osum river and valleys like Valbona in the Albanian Alps. They offer great opportunities to practice trekking, skiing, climbing etc.

Albanian Alps - embrace roughly 2240 kmĀ² and lie in the prefectures of Shkodra and Tropoja. Thirteen peaks exceed 2500m in height and the principal rivers are the Valbona, Shala, Cemi and Kiri. There is a great diversity of fauna and flora, particularly in the Theth National Park. Centres of Alpine tourism are Boga, Theth, Vermosh and Valbona.


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Albanian Mountains - 73 images of different mountains, mainly Albanian Alps

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