Balkan Prespa Park

Entrance to Balkan Prespa Park Entrance to Balkan Prespa Park

Snow at peaks of Mali Thate (Dry Mountain) Snow at peaks of Mali Thate (Dry Mountain)

Rainbow over Prespa Lake Rainbow over Prespa Lake

Prespa is the name of two freshwater lakes in southeast Europe, shared by Greece, Albania, and the Republic of Macedonia, with the total surface area 313,6 kmĀ². They are the highest tectonic lakes in the Balkans, standing at an altitude of 853 m. With an abundance of rare fauna and flora, the area was declared a Transnational Park in 2000 (Balkan Prespa Park).

The Great Prespa Lake is divided between Albania, Greece and the Republic of Macedonia. The Small Prespa Lake is shared only between Greece and Albania. Prespa lakes area is rich with cultural tradition. Eremite Byzantine churches exist in the cave of Tren, Trajani's castle, St. Mary's Church and in the island of Maligrad. Island Maligrad (Small Town) on the Albanian side of the border in the Great Prespa Lake is the site of a ruined 14th century monastery dedicated to St. Peter.

Prespa and Ohrid LakesPrespa and Ohrid Lakes

Because Great Prespa Lake sits about 150m above Lake Ohrid, which lies only about 10 km to the west, its waters run through underground channels in the karst and emerge from springs which feed streams running into Lake Ohrid.

Formed more than four millions years ago, the region of Lake Ohrid and the Greater and Lesser Prespa Lakes offers an important habitat for a multitude of wild animals and plants some of which do not occur elsewhere in the world. Tens of thousands of birds spend the winter at the lakes or rest there on their way from the North to the South and from the East to the West. With the National Park and a new Landscape Reserve (also 27,000 hectares, connecting Lake Ohrid with Balkan Prespa Park), Albania has doubled the area of its protected regions.





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For more information on Lesser Prespa Lake visit Zagradec Information Centre, Zagradec, Prespa region

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