The aim of our website is to help anyone considering a trip to Albania. It is not intended to replace a guidebook; the descriptions of places to see are based on our own experiences, on research of Internet and in the few books. We do not claim that they are comprehensive or 100% objective, when it is possible we provide links to other websites or sources to ensure that you will be able to find more detailed information.

We try to make sure that the site is as accurate as possible, but do bear in mind that it is the work of few friends - there is no team of proffesional researchers keeping it up to date. So don't book a long-awaited holiday based solely on a passing comment on this site!

Work on was restarted in January 2014. As you see on, we are creating new site in the CMS System, we actualize all data, and we are in the process of preparing German and Russian translation of the site.



Actualized 03/2014
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