10 most picturesque places of Crimea

Ancient ruins and ancient castles, mountains, nature reserves – which is not there. We represent the ten most picturesque places that, after a vacation in Crimea, will surely end up on your social networks, because you want to capture such beauty and show it to everyone.

Golitsyn trail

The Golitsyn trail is also called the Falcon Trail. It is located near the village of Novyi Svit and cut down on the slope of Mount Koba-Kaya. The trail was built by the order of Prince Golitsyn for the arrival in the Crimea of ​​Tsar Nicholas II, who visited here in 1912.

Tours are often conducted along the trail; tourists are invited to the grotto located right there. It is formed naturally – from the blows of sea waves. Once there was a Christian monastery, and Prince Golitsyn adapted the place for a wine warehouse. There is also a platform for artists to perform – the prince often invited singers here. From the grotto, the trail will lead you to the coast of the Blue, and then the Blue Bay and the Royal Beach.

Preserve “Tauric Chersonesos”

In the IV century BC, there was a whole city. Now there are ruins, but you can get an idea of ​​Chersonesos.

There is a citadel, Zeno tower, city gates, crypts, one surviving building of that period, as well as a city square. There is also a historical and archaeological museum. The reserve is located in a place called Reed Bay (Sevastopol).

“Valley of Ghosts”

The place is located on Mount Demerdzhi and looks in strict accordance with the name, scary. Stone sculptures in their outlines are similar to animals and even to people, although a person has never touched these boulders. All this is supplemented by a legend: nomads went to capture the local lands, but nature intervened in their plans and turned the unsuccessful conquerors into stones. In these parts, a scene was shot from the “Caucasian Captive”, in which the heroine sings a song and dances on a boulder.

You can come to the “Valley of Ghosts” by bus from Alushta. Then you will need to walk to Mount Demerdzhi, but these efforts are definitely worth the views that open from above.

Wine factory “Massandra”

This is one of the oldest wine-making factories, its task was to provide the king’s palace in Livadia with drinks. “Massandra” produces mainly sweet wines – fortified, dessert and liqueur.

The building itself is like a castle. I am glad that it is open to tourists. Guided tours are held here, and in the tasting room, you can try some varieties of Massandra products. Not far from the plant there is a rock in which cellars for long aging wines are carved.

Holy Assumption Monastery

The monastery is located a couple of kilometers from Bakhchisarai. You can get here by bus or minibus, from the stop you will need to go along the pedestrian road. The Holy Assumption Monastery is an elegant and extremely interesting example of mountain construction: it is literally mounted in a sheer cliff. The approximate time of its foundation is the turn of the VIII-IX centuries.

The entrance to the caves of the monastery is open; you can also enter the building itself. Excursions are conducted by monks and novices and do it for free. It is only necessary to observe the formal rules in clothes that apply to any other Orthodox church.

“Bird home”

One of the most famous sights of Crimea. This is a castle that was erected directly on a cliff of rock. The castle is quite modest in size: 20x10x10 meters. A more spectacular place to build is hard to come up with.

Interestingly, the appearance of the “Swallow’s Nest” is not the merit of the local princes, but of the German baron and major oil industrialist Rudolf von Stengel. Its architecture repeats German medieval castles. Inside the building, there are exhibition halls, whose expositions (drawings and engravings) tell about the history of the southern coast of Crimea.

Karadag reserve

You can walk around this reserve exclusively with guides. Such measures have been taken to preserve indigenous plants, which are listed in the Red Book. The tour will take about four hours, sometimes you have to climb the mountains.

The relief looks unusual, such rocks you will not meet anywhere else. In addition to them, there are mysterious gorges and bays with crystal clear water.


This cave city is well preserved and easy to get into: a walk will take about half an hour from Bakhchisarai. Here, between Chufut-Kale and Bakhchisaray, is the Holy Assumption Monastery, which we mentioned above. Two interesting places can be seen at a time.

The tour is conducted by people who participated in the excavations of the city. Entrance to Chufut-Kale paid, excursion too. If you are fond of archeology and the history of ancient settlements, you should visit this place.

Cape Chameleon

Like a tropical lizard, the Crimean cape changes its color. The shade is affected not only by the time of day but also by the weather. And all because of clay shales, which unevenly reflect light.

“Chameleon” divides the two bays, and the water in them is of different colors. An amazing picture opens up from a height with several shades of water and the cape itself.

Livadia Palace

Known as the southern residence of the emperors, the palace stands on the Black Sea, three kilometers from Yalta ( one of the most popular resorts in Crimea ). The Livadia Palace looks great, it is one of the most beautiful buildings on the entire peninsula. Since 1993, the palace has officially become a museum. Now there are two exhibitions on display: the first is dedicated to the Yalta Conference of 1945, the second tells about the Russian tsars, and this exhibition is in the rooms where Nicholas II lived with his family.

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