Pools in hotels with the most stunning views

There are much cooler facilities for enjoying life, the existence of which you did not even know. We will tell you about some of them, and the question of choosing a hotel for your next vacation will be decided by itself!

Four Seasons Shanghai Pudong, China

No pool in the world will make you feel like the hero of a film about the future, except as a miracle from Shanghai. And no fight with robots, only staying in the seventh heaven from happiness in the jacuzzi and on the same level with skyscrapers behind panoramic windows.

Delamore Lodge, New Zealand

Technically, this is far from a hotel rooftop pool, but New Zealand is so far from palm trees and the turquoise expanse of Bali. But the heated landscape pond “built” into the rock on a lonely island gives that very unique feeling of being in a tropical paradise.

Los Suenos Marriott Ocean & Golf Resort, Costa Rica

This pool is neatly located between the ocean and the real rainforest. Therefore, in whatever direction you decide to look, being in it, the view will not disappoint you. By the way, in the vicinity of this hotel, there are real sloths (not the ones that sip a cocktail on the mattress all day, but mammals from the tropics), and from time to time they can be seen on the neighboring golf course.

The Cambrian, Switzerland

Staying at this hotel is a great way to amaze airport workers when inspecting luggage. Going to the city of Adelboden, where this pool is located, you can take with you both skis and a swimsuit. The pond is located literally in the mountains. The view that opens from it and the mountains reflected in the water is simply nothing to compare!

Hotel Indigo Lower East Side, United States

To begin with, in what this pool loses to its colleagues – in size. And here is his indisputable advantage: from the height of the 15th floor the Big Apple is completely in the palm of your hand, and the Empire State Building looms in sight.

Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, France

In the hotel industry, the epithet “cult” has long lost its value. But, if you want to know its original meaning, go to the south of France. Here you will find this symbol of European luxury with an impressive history and unmatched views of the lagoon.

Andaz West Hollywood, USA

To understand the magnificence of the pools on the roofs of hotels you need to go not somewhere but to California. Here crazy parties in the hills near the ponds do not calm down. And, if you feel the strength in yourself, be sure to try to take a haughty look at the city of celebrities from the edge of this pool.

Four Seasons Punta Mita, Mexico

The luxurious pond in Punta Mita is a real multi-level amphitheater, where you can’t find the border between the pool and the ocean, a fairy tale, and reality.

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