The best cafes and restaurants of Crimea

Resort places offer many establishments of different price segments, where you can eat deliciously for reasonable money or magnificently mark, say, your birthday or the end of your vacation. We have chosen places in the Crimea where you should definitely have breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Restaurant “Barkas”, Sevastopol

This is a rather expensive restaurant, the bill for dinner for one person will be 2-3 thousand rubles, but it all depends on the choice of dishes and alcohol. “Barkas” specializes in seafood, fish are mainly caught here, so it is always fresh.

In the evenings, live music is played, and the restaurant itself is located directly on the promenade, with excellent sea views. The place is popular among tourists and residents of Sevastopol, so it is better to book a table for dinner in advance.

Ai-Petri, Yalta

The Ai-Petri restaurant of the most popular Crimean resort is located on the sixteenth floor of the Yalta-Intourist Hotel. From above, views of Mount Ai-Petri, Massandra Park and the Crimean Mountains, as well as the old city.

The cuisine is European, there are a lot of sea dishes: seafood soups, sea bass with rice and more. Dinner will cost about two thousand rubles per person. The institution is not cheap, but the high level of service and beautiful views justify this.

“Aquarius”, Alushta

The cafe looks thoroughly: a large building, terraces, a small garden; the establishment is located near the Almond Grove. Some tables offer sea views. The menu has a large selection of local wines.

The cuisine is different: there are seafood and fish dishes, as well as barbecue, schnitzels, tenderloins and more. In “Aquarius” you can thoroughly eat and taste fine wines. Visitors praise the service, interior and cuisine of this cafe. The bill per person will be about a thousand and a half rubles.

“Camelot”, Kerch

The cafe-bar on the embankment relies on the interior: the atmosphere of the Middle Ages reigns here. The institution is suitable for any occasion – and just go for lunch or dinner, and for a date, and for gatherings with friends.

The menu consists of Japanese and East European dishes. Japanese is represented by various types of sushi, while European offer dumplings, pancakes, salads, and other traditional foods. The price of dinner usually does not exceed 1000 rubles.

“White Shark”, Yalta

The superior restaurant serves French cuisine. It is located fifty meters from the promenade in the very center of Yalta and is located immediately on two floors.

The terrace, which is open in the warm season, has eight booths, each designed for 6-8 seats. Reviews about this restaurant are purely positive, and skipping it if you have stopped in Yalta is not recommended. The average bill is 1300-1600 rubles.

“Heat Pizza”, Kerch

As the name implies, the main focus is on pizza, however, the institution is famous for its good cocktails. You can come here with the whole family – at the weekend they show cartoons, an animator works in the hall.

The average bill is about 500-600 rubles.

Mustafa, Evpatoria

This is not just a cafe, but a “cafe-theater”, in which attention is paid not only to the quality of dishes but also to entertainment for guests. In the evenings, programs with oriental songs and dances are held. The music is quite calm and does not interfere with relaxation.

The cuisine is oriental and Crimean Tatar, especially visitors praise pilaf and chopped raps. There is also a hookah on wine or water. A check per person is approximately 600-800 rubles.

“Bistro on the waterfront”, Sudak

The institution is in a great location – right in the center of the promenade. Here you can eat cheaply and satisfyingly if food is important to you first of all, not service or interior.

The Bistro on the Embankment operates on a self-service basis. True, there is no restroom and, accordingly, you can’t even wash your hands. But a tasty lunch or dinner costs only 200-300 rubles.

Irina, Alupka

The institution is quite modest. This is a cafe-dining room, but with an excellent menu. If in a hurry, this place will be a good option for a snack, visitors respond extremely well about it.

“Aliye”, Bakhchisaray

The cafe is located in the old part of Bakhchisarai, very close to the palace of the Crimean khans. It offers a good view, and the dishes are mainly Tatar: pasties, yufahash dumplings and more.

The atmosphere inside is rather modest, but the food is beyond praise. The bill for one person will be approximately 500-700 rubles.

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