The best hotels of Crimea

High-quality housekeeping, good service and a good location of the hotel will allow you to focus on exploring the city and attractions, eliminating unpleasant moments. We chose the 10 best hotels in Crimea on blog, among which there are both expensive five-star hotels and budget, but not bad at all.

“Villa Elena”, Yalta

The five-star hotel in Yalta offers its guests absolutely everything: indoor and outdoor pools, a tennis court, a bathhouse, a fitness room, and a SPA center. There are even rooms for allergy sufferers and guests with pets. Smoking is allowed in special places.

If you travel with children, they can be left under the supervision of a nanny or on the playground. Guestrooms have city and sea views, as well as mountains nearby.

Accommodation at Villa Elena will cost a lot: from 16.5 thousand rubles for a double room to the presidential suite for 63 700 rubles.

“Scarlet Sails”, Theodosius

The hotel is located right on the seafront. Despite the four stars, “Scarlet Sails” are inexpensive: 6 thousand rubles for a room for two adults and 14,900 rubles for a suite.

There are many amenities. There is a children’s playground, a beauty salon, a bathhouse, a massage room, a pool, and a sauna. The hotel will be a great choice if you do not want to travel from the hotel to the sea each time. Then he took a couple of steps – and already on the beach.

Bristol, Yalta

The hotel was built back in 1863, and after a hundred and forty years (in 2003) it was thoroughly renovated. “Bristol” has three stars, although the number of amenities is not much inferior to more fashionable hotels. Guests can use the sauna, swimming pools, fitness and SPA centers, as well as other services, including accommodation with animals.

The cost of living is very affordable: 3,500 rubles for a standard room, 4,400 for a business class and 11,800 for a penthouse with a balcony and sea view.

Riviera Sunrise Resort & SPA, Alushta

The hotel is already a little over a hundred years old – it was opened in 1913. The four-star hotel is located eight hundred meters from the city center, near the promenade. There is access to the sea.

Good location and a wide range of services make the Riviera Sunrise Resort & SPA a very expensive hotel, but the comfort here is appropriate. Standard double room – 7 300 rubles, lux – 21 800 rubles.

Dionysus, Balaclava

Balaclava is not the most popular resort, so the prices here are very low. But to stay in a four-star hotel was worth 2,200 rubles – at first you do not believe that; however, everything is correct. A suite will cost 4,300 rubles per night.

True, there are not many services: a sauna, an outdoor pool, a playground for children. The hotel is small, there are only seventeen rooms. There are few hotels in Balaclava, and this one is definitely one of the best.

“Ceval”, Evpatoria

Evpatoria is a very popular resort, but if you look, you can find an inexpensive and at the same time a good hotel. Jeval (four stars) offers a private beach, and the hotel itself is about a seven to ten-minute walk to the promenade. The views from the hotel rooms are mainly in the city.

The cost of living is 3,500 rubles in a standard double room. The suite is estimated at 11,000 rubles, and 16,000 rubles will have to be paid for the apartments.

Thyssen House, Gurzuf

The hotel is located near the Ayu-Dag Wildlife Sanctuary, a popular tourist destination. This four-star hotel has twelve rooms in total. It is interesting that each of the rooms is made in its own unique style. You can settle in diamond, turquoise, emerald, and other numbers.

Prices start at 4,200 rubles for the amber option. Each room has its own prices, in addition, the season also affects the cost. So, the most expensive will be a diamond number in the “high season” (from May 1 to September 30 and from December 25 to January 11).

Alupka, Alupka

In an inexpensive three-star hotel in the resort Alupka twenty-five rooms. If you like to ride a bicycle, you can rent it directly at the hotel – it’s very convenient.

The suite for 4 410 rubles offers sea views. The standard number is estimated at 1,780 rubles, and the superior – at 2,380 rubles. The hotel is cheap and at the same time quite high quality.

“Forum”, Sudak

Another affordable three-star hotel, but already in Sudak. At fairly low prices – 1,800 rubles for a standard room and 3,200 for a suite – guests are offered a good range of services.

There is a private beach, a fitness and SPA center, a sauna, and diving. At such prices, the offer of the “Forum” looks more than tempting.

Hotel Kerch, Kerch

The well-known resort has good reviews at the “Kerch Hotel” (three stars), which is located near the promenade. The cost of living is low, although it is far from Alupka: 3,100 rubles for an ordinary room, 3,600 for an improved room, 4,700 for a junior suite and 5,500 for a suite. Guests can safely take animals on a trip, the hotel allows pets.

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