The best wines of Crimea

Some Crimean wineries are more than a hundred years old and they are widely known outside of Russia. But what drinks should you try in the first place and how do they differ from each other?

Local factories produce a lot of dessert wine. This is a large group, which includes Cahors, port, sherry, nutmeg, and several other types. Muscat began to be produced in the Crimea in the distant 1928. This group of wines with high sugar content is considered the most aromatic. Grapes are harvested at the end of October – at this time they are already starting to dry slightly, and the sugar level in the berries rises even more. The Musandra production nutmegs are highly appreciated: Castel, Livadia (both white), black Massandra and dessert pink Muscat. Also good are the white and pink Magarach nutmegs produced at the factory of the same name.

In strong dessert wines (Madeira, sherry, port), the alcohol content starts from 20%. The raw materials are heated for several years in equipped chambers or under the sun. Among the ports, there is a white port from Cabernet grapes, red “South Coast”, which is also white, and red port “Livadia”.

Sherry was originally produced only in Spain; This type of wine is distinguished by a special formation of yeast. Among the Crimean sherries, Massandra, Crimean and Magarach are highly valued. These sherries are famous for rather complex bouquets and at the same time, they are recognizable.

Madera – the wine is quite strong, while it contains a small amount of sugar. Madeira Krymskaya with four years of exposure, Massandra (five years of exposure) and Alminskaya (four years) became widely known. All of them have a bright, characteristic taste and are distinguished by a rich bouquet.

Cahors – church, as it is called, wine. During the production process, the wort is heated to 65 degrees, so that the taste of the wine is the most complete and harmonious. Wine is aged in barrels for at least three years. The most famous Crimean Cahors production – “South Coast” production “Massandra.”

Among the usual dessert wines, it is worth mentioning “The Seventh Heaven of Golitsyn”, “Solar Valley” and “The Black Doctor”. Their strength is about 16 vol.%. Wine “Black Doctor” got its name for a reason: it contains a lot of B vitamins, which allows us to talk about its healing properties with moderate consumption. As for the taste sensations, the “Black Doctor” has notes of vanilla, pear, and chocolate. “The Seventh Heaven of Prince Golitsyn” stands out for its honey flavor, as well as quince and peach flavors.

We distinguish real wine from a fake

First of all, pay attention to the place where you buy wine. Well-known and expensive brands sell their wines only in large chains or company stores. This emphasizes the status of the brand, in addition, it is necessary to comply with all storage conditions of products.

Then examine the bottle itself; for example, the bottles of “Magarach” bear the convex name of the brand. Finally, look at the glass under bright light: it should be transparent and dark, without streaks. There should be a logo on the cork, although you can only find out about its presence after buying wine.

Opening a bottle and pouring wine into a glass, evaluate its color and texture. There should be no sediment or turbidity. The smell should be fruity, with a slight aroma of a wooden barrel. True, such subtleties are recognized by a more or less wine-savvy person. We hope our recommendations will help you decide on the choice of wine and enjoy wonderful drinks from Crimean factories.

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