What do the worlds most stunning libraries look like inside

Dr. James Campbell of Cambridge University, author of Library: World History, visited 85 of the most stunning bookstores in 21 countries around the world with renowned architectural photographer William Price. We suggest you go to a whisper and get acquainted with the 9 most amazing of them.

Haines, South Korea

Dr. Campbell had serious problems visiting this place because this is not about any city library, but about a Buddhist temple. It contains a collection of sacred texts Tripitaka Koreana, carved on thousands of wooden tablets. Their age exceeds 700 years, and the place itself inspires real awe.

Tianyi Pavilion, China

Inside the oldest Chinese library is very dark, because its premises were intended only for storing books, but not for reading. According to Dr. Campbell, the situation has changed since his last visit, and in this photo, the books are in their last farewell. Today, the Pavilion has become a museum that anyone can visit.

George Peabody Library, USA

Extraordinary space, the temple of the industrial era, as William Price put it. In addition, not a single library in the world is able to compete with this repository on the issue of similarities to the Harry Potter Hogwarts. The magical effect is created by the multi-story building, the splendor of decorative balustrades and thousands of books.

Malatestiana Library, Italy

Want to know what a medieval library looked like? Then to you here. Nowhere in the world will you find anything like this, because in this institution the books of that time still stand in their places.

Marchiana Library, Italy

What is it? Palace? A museum? With a snap and can not be said. Once the largest library of its era, and now – a monument to the rich culture of the Venetian Republic.

Admont Abbey Library, Austria

From the point of view of its decoration, this monastery library can also claim the title of a stunning museum, but it was built much later than the aristocratic reading room of Martian.

Library of Joanna and Mafra, Portugal

This book depository was built during the period of wealth and power of Portugal, which clearly conveys the scope and decoration of libraries. Bats still live in the Mafra Palace, which protects ancient books from insects.

University of Utrecht Library, Holland

Finish with the classics and move on to modern minimalism. Externally, this building is a simple rectangle, but inside it is a huge, striking space filled with air and sunlight.

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