What to see in Yalta

Discovering Yalta is easy and pleasant. Be sure to take a walk along the promenade, look at the small streets in search of old charming estates. With children, you can look at the crocodile farm or go to the zoo. But it is worth remembering that many of the sights of Yalta, which are described in guidebooks, are located not in the city itself, but in its environs.

Bird home

This architectural monument can be seen on coins, stamps, banknotes and even in the movies. The image of this small Gothic castle, hanging over the sea at an altitude of forty meters, is familiar to everyone. Even those who have never been to Crimea.

The Swallow’s Nest found its present look in 1912. Its owner was the German baron P.N. Steingel, who really wanted to see familiar architectural motifs away from his homeland. Since 2011, the castle has been transferred to municipal ownership and is used for art exhibitions.

Livadia Palace

Just three kilometers from Yalta is the former residence of Russian emperors – the Livadia Palace. It was built at the end of the 19th century and played an important historical role. It was here that in February 1945 the Yalta Conference was held, which formed the contours of the new world order after the Second World War.

The conference was attended by leaders of the allied countries: Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill, and Franklin Roosevelt. Last year, this legendary meeting was immortalized by a monument, which became another attraction of Yalta.

Vorontsov Palace

The construction of this complex took twenty years. From 1828 to 1848, hard work was in full swing here. The customer was a statesman known at that time – Governor-General of the Novorossiysk Territory Count M.S. Vorontsov.

After the revolution, a museum was located in the Vorontsov Palace, which was almost completely looted during the German occupation. However, it is worth noting that the ceremonial interiors of the palace have almost completely retained their original finish.

The park ensemble also deserves special attention. Its creator and chief gardener, K. A. Kobach, personally planted plants for more than 25 years and was engaged in planning the park. And today, he is still as beautiful as before.

Wuchang-Su Waterfall

Eight kilometers west of Yalta is the highest waterfall in Crimea. Waterfalls from 98 meters, making a loud noise. In hot weather, the waterfall is almost completely dry. And after a downpour or during snowmelt, he appears in all its glory. Achan-Su is located on the territory of the Yalta Mountain Forest Reserve.


Not far from Yalta in the mountain forest reserve is one of the most famous peaks of the Crimea – Ai-Petri (1234 meters). It is a favorite destination for tourists as it offers excellent views of the surrounding area.

There are three ways to climb Ai-Petri: by cable car, by car or on foot along the laid route. At the very top of the mountain, in addition to the beautiful view, there are souvenir shops, cafes and annoying citizens offering a picture with birds as a keepsake.

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