What to see in Balaclava

The first references to Balaclava can be found in ancient literature. Homer, Pliny the Elder, and Strabo wrote about these places. Since then, mankind has stepped far forward, and the nature of these places is still as beautiful as it was thousands of years ago.

What is worth seeing for tourists traveling to Balaclava? We have prepared a shortlist of the main attractions.

Genoese fortress Chembalo

The ruins of the old fortress are one of the main visiting cards of Balaklava. It was erected over the years, but the construction began in the middle of the XIV century. At that moment, representatives of the Genoese Republic once again tried to gain a foothold on these shores. The fortress was used many times for its intended purpose – to protect against attacks. Only by the end of the 18th century with the advent of the Russian Empire did it lose its strategic importance and fell into decay.

Naval Museum Complex “Balaclava”

Lovers of 20th-century military history are advised to visit this unique Cold War museum. You will be taken to the territory of top-secret facility No. 285. What is hidden behind these numbers?

The development of the project was personally controlled by Stalin, but it was realized only after his death. Balaclava is the birthplace of the world’s only underground harbor with a submarine repair plant. This object could accommodate from 7 to 9 submarines, as well as 3 thousand personnel. In peacetime, the plant employed more than 400 specialists, but only four of them had access to all rooms.

Just imagine – this object could withstand a direct hit by an atomic bomb. But there are curious moments in the history of this plant. So, for example, every time a submarine began to be repaired, water was drained from the dock. There was a lot of fresh fish at the bottom, which the factory employees immediately began to smoke. An easily recognizable smell penetrated the ventilation and spread throughout the area. On it, it was easy to determine the time the start of repair of the next submarine.

St. George Monastery

Not far from Balaclava is Cape Fiolent, which is distinguished by its beauty. But travelers come here for another reason. Here St. George Monastery was sheltered, the history of which has more than 1100 years.

According to legend, it was founded in 891 by the Greeks, who were taken aback by bad weather in these places. The ship nearly crashed, only prayers to St. George the Victorious were saved. When the storm calmed down, in memory of this a cross was erected on the rock. And on the shore appeared a monastery, which survived to this day.

The highest guests have often been here; The monastery was visited by five Russian emperors. Some mysterious force attracted creative people here – these stones are remembered by Pushkin, Griboedov, Bunin, Ostrovsky, Chekhov and many others.

Temple of the Twelve Apostles

A unique monument of architecture of the XVIII century. In its current guise, the temple appeared before the inhabitants of the city in 1794. For believers, it will be interesting to know that particles of the relics of Sergius of Radonezh are stored here.

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